Master Planning Process

Dear Parishioners,

We are beginning the preliminary planning necessary to fulfill the request of Archbishop Tobin for us to look at the possibility of a permanent Church. Archbishop Tobin has asked our community to begin our exploration with a Master Planning study. With the approval of the Archdiocese, we have contracted with Chameleon Architecture to guide us through the first phase of our journey. In fact, their work has already started. In the past few weeks, Chip Williamson, principal at Chameleon Architecture has outlined their Master Planning process to the Parish Council. Their approach has started with a campus use study and assessment. This process reviews the condition of the existing campus and its buildings, evaluating how they are used. Through this assessment, we are looking for opportunities and challenges with our current buildings, and planning for the regular upkeep and care of our campus.

The second step is to hear from the Parish. We want everyone to be heard, so we will use a variety of formats to reach you. Two significant ways to be a part of the process will be to participate in three periodic whole parish surveys and in our facilitated Town Hall meetings, which will be held in the basement of the Rectory. The surveys will allow you to honestly answer questions and offer your personal opinions pertinent to the Campus Master Planning process. The surveys will be conducted through an online survey tool or in hardcopies found in back of Church. It is our intention that the surveys reach each individual and reveal insights and build consensus as the planning process progresses. As well, the Town Hall meetings will be promoted to the whole parish as hosted gatherings centered on specific topics as they might relate to or affect the physical campus and/or buildings. The focused topics are wide ranging, meant to discuss life in the community. We hope to discover ways the campus can support and enhance those activities. Each topic will be preceded by conversation prompts to be distributed prior to the meetings. These meetings will offer an opportunity to share your own opinions but also to listen to what your fellow parishioners are thinking. The meetings are intended to reveal insights into each topic and help influence the Master Planning process. The topics are broad but your input will help focus our planning as the process moves forward.

The last step in the Master Planning process is to discern Goals and Objectives to guide the design portion of the planning. Goals are meant to be strategic, big picture and long view principals guiding our work. Whereas Objectives are considered tactical, the actual tasks and procedures needed to be accomplished to successfully reach our goal or at least get us closer to that goal. Based on the information gathered from the Town Hall meetings, surveys, physical assessments, and the Archbishop’s directives, the parish council and pastor will develop goals and objectives and then present these goals and objectives for review by the parish for feedback and suggestion. In the end, Chameleon Architecture will use these goals and objectives to provide a Campus Master Plan with recommendations and a schedule. After approval from the Archdiocese, the master plan will be presented to the parish in early summer. We need your help in doing this. Please be on the lookout for updates, surveys and Town Hall meeting dates. We will publicize these on our parish bulletin board, in our bulletin and email lists, as well as on our facebook page and website. However, nothing beats good old word of mouth, so please spread the word so everyone can have good and correct information and all can have a chance to participate.

From this Master Plan we will embark on a Feasibility Study, which will evaluate the parish’s commitment and ability to support the master plan. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or our Parish Council. All of this work is starting right now. Open your hearts and minds, and pray that we may see how our Lord is in the midst of this community and how He wishes us to continue His mission to evangelize our world in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Fr. Aaron Jenkins