Welcome to St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

Contact information for Frs. Meyer and Mahan:

For Fr. Meyer – email: frmeyer@dccatholics.com  – 513-255-4575 (phone only, no text) or call the St. Teresa parish office at 812-656-8700 for nonurgent calls

For Fr. Mahan – email: frmahan@dccatholics.com  – or call the St. Teresa parish office at 812-656-8700 for nonurgent calls

Parish Office – Dearborn County Catholics

St. Teresa, St. Lawrence, St. Mary’s

(812) 537-3992

Dearborn County Mass Schedule

Saturday    4:00pm ASP St. Martin
     5:30pm St. Lawrence
Sunday    7:30am ASP St. Paul
     7:30am St. Mary
     9:15am ASP St. John
     9:15am St. Lawrence
   11:00am ASP St. Joseph
   11:00am St. Teresa
Monday    5:45pm St. Teresa
Tuesday    7:30am ASP St. Martin
     8:30am St. Lawrence
Wednesday    7:30am ASP St. Joseph
     5:45pm St. Teresa
Thursday    7:30am ASP St. John
     8:30am St. Mary
Friday    7:30am ASP St. Paul
     8:30am St. Lawrence

Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament

ASP St. John – 24 Hour Perpetual Adoration

St. Teresa – Wednesday, Noon until 5:45pm Mass

Rosary before Benediction

St. Lawrence – Second Friday of Month 9am – Noon

St. Mary – Third Friday of the Month  9am-9pm

Sacrament of Reconciliation

St. Lawrence  Tuesday  8:00am & Friday  8:00am

St. Mary          Sunday  7:00am & Thursday  8:00am

Third Friday 12 Hours of Confession  9AM – 9PM

St. Teresa       Monday  5:15pm & Wednesday  5:15pm

Public Celebration of Anointing of the Sick

The Anointing of the Sick will be done during Mass.

First Monday of the Month   St. Teresa @ 5:45pm Mass

First Wednesday of the Month   ASP St. Joseph @ 5:45pm Mass

First Friday of the Month   St. Lawrence @ 89:30am Mass


First Sunday- January-April-July-October – Blessing of expectant mothers at all weekend Masses. Call the Office to let us know which Mass you will attend (812-537-3992). Next date at St. Teresa will be 1/2/2022

Second Sunday- Every Month – Blessing of newly engaged couples at all weekend Masses – October 10

Third Sunday- Every Month – Blessing of holy water, candles, salt and other religious items AFTER all weekend Masses. Please keep your items with you until Mass is complete and then bring them to the front of the Church – October 17


Fr. Meyer, October 10, 2021 -“The Rosary is the Bible – Never Leave Home Without It”

Fr. Meyer, October 3, 2021 -“Satan says, ‘Let the Little Children Come to Me'”

Fr. Mahan,  October 3, 2021 – “Hope In the Face of Conflict”

Fr. Meyer, September 26, 2021 -“What Do You Need to Cut Out of Your Life?”

Fr. Mahan,  September 26, 2021 – “A Properly Formed Conscience”

Fr. Mahan,  September 19, 2021 – “Why Did Jesus Die?”

Fr. Mahan,  September 12, 2021 – “Strangers In A Strange Land”

Fr. Meyer, September 12, 2021 -“Let Us Never Forget”

Fr. Mahan,  September 5, 2021 – “Overcome Fear and Anxiety With Hope”

Fr. Meyer, September 5, 2021 -“FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real”

Fr. Mahan,  August 22, 2021 – “Do You Believe? The Story of Francis-Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan”

Fr. Meyer, August 22, 2021 -“Do You Honor Your Husband – Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament?”

Fr. Mahan,  August 15, 2021 – “Our Lady of the Most Holy Eucharist”

Fr. Meyer, August 15, 2021 – “Looking for Hope?”

Fr. Meyer – Sunday, August 1, 2021 – Priest Turns Man Into a Dog

Fr. Mahan,  July 25, 2021 – “The Miracle of the Holy Eucharist”

Fr. Meyer July 18, 2021 – “Change Your Habits, Change Your Life”


Fr. Meyer July 11, 2021 – “You Best Ability is Availability”


Click on the link above for ongoing news/events happening in our parishes.


100 Day Letter

October 15 2021

Oktoberfest October 16 – A Community-Building Gathering for Our Parish Families – All Three Parishes of St Teresa, St Lawrence, and St Mary’s Invited to Come Together for Food, Fellowship, and Fun!

Immediately following the 5:30pm Mass at St Lawrence, in the parish parking lot, closed especially for this event. This is not a fundraiser — it is an evening planned for folks of all three parish families to simply come together, eat a meal, listen to music, have fun and be joyful!

Free-will offering collected for food, adult beverages available for purchase, live music featured, kids activities, and a fun-time for all guaranteed!!

CONNECT! – We have started a new ministry to help keep you connected; the ministry is simply called CONNECT! Please visit our ministry table after or before weekend Mass to ask questions, get information about baptisms, marriage, mass intentions, scheduling a facility, etc.

Pray the Rosary – The month of October is dedicated to the Most Holy Rosary.  Our parishes will have recitation of the Rosary before every Mass during this month.

St. Teresa Ladies Group Bake Sale ​Sunday, October 17

Bake Sale after the 11:00am Mass on Sunday to support the activities of the Ladies Group. Please stop
by and check out the delicious assortment of goodies.

Cost is a free will donation.​

Daily Readings

Reading I Rom 6:19-23

Brothers and sisters:
I am speaking in human terms because of the weakness of your nature.
For just as you presented the parts of your bodies as slaves to impurity
and ...

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