Future Planning

In 2011 the Archdiocese of Indianapolis began a study of the parishes in the Batesville Deanery. This process called “Connected in the Spirit” began in the Terra Haute Deanery.This process gathered information from each parish. This information included statistical data as well as responses to questionnaires. Each parish was paired with one or more neighboring parishes. St. Teresa was paired with St. Lawrence because we already have a working relationship with St. Lawrence and Catholic Education. After two years of gathering information and consultation at every level in the diocese Archbishop Tobin made his decisions.

St. Teresa has been partnered with St. Lawrence. In this partnership we will continue to share our ministry in Catholic education and look for other ways we can share in the common ministries in eastern Dearborn County. St. Teresa and St. Lawrence will not share a pastor nor will we be consolidating into one parish. We could in the future share staff but no plans for this are being made at this time. Archbishop Tobin has instructed St. Teresa begin a feasibility study for building a new and permanent Church. This feasibility study will have two main parts. First will be the development of a master plan for the St. Teresa Campus. This process will evaluate our current structures and plan for our future needs with a Church being the first goal. The second part of the feasibility study will be to evaluate the capacity of St. Teresa’s community to support the project both in completing the master plan and maintaining the structures and campus of St. Teresa. The next step in the process would be to begin a capital campaign to build the Church. Parishioners will be able to come to this section of the website and see periodic updates on the master plan and feasibility study. Below parishioners can find documents that concern the Batesville Deanery planning process and its results.