The Completed Master Plan

Dear Parishioners,

On July 30th the Parish Council, Chameleon Architecture, and I presented our completed Master Plan to the parish. Over the last year many of you have participated in this process either by attending one of the town hall meetings or by filling out the surveys. We appreciate your input. The Holy Spirit was certainly at work guiding us all during this time and I believe that is why we have such a beautiful, well thought-out, and reasonable plan.

When Chameleon Architecture first presented the plan to the parish council I was amazed that this diverse group of people were all pleased with the plan and actually excited by it. This seemed to be the case at our presentation on the 30th. Of course it is natural for all of us to rush to know the exact details but this plan is only the one of many steps in making it happen. We will need further meetings to determine the exact details of the interior spaces and even the exact details of each area of the Master Plan. This Plan gives us the foundation to build upon and I am very excited because I believe that this will serve the community well into the future and actually help to strengthen our faith and strengthen the body of Christ here at St. Teresa.Your participation in the next steps are critical and I believe that this next year will determine this parish’s foreseeable future.

Our next step is take our plan to the archdiocese for approval and ask for permission to move forward with a feasibility study. All indications are that this will be granted and so both the parish and financial councils will meet with consulting firms to choose one to do our feasibility study. This firm will then look at our resource and financial records and also meet with individuals from the parish to determine what they believe we can raise in a capital campaign. With this information we will return to the archdiocese and then it will be determined if we move forward with a capital campaign.

I know that capital campaigns make everyone nervous but they are necessary to grow and as I have mentioned before this parish is a teenage parish and like all teenagers there comes a time when we must grow up. That means taking on more responsibility and sacrificing not just for ourselves but for others and our future. We will need to sacrifice now so that more good can be done and so that the Body of Christ can be strengthened.

Below you will find links with more information on our master plan and also a link to a video of the drive through of our planned campus.

Most importantly please pray for our parish during this time.


Fr. Aaron

St. Teresa, Pray for us.