Our Mission

In grateful response to God’s grace and nourished by His Word and Sacrament, Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross parish embraces the call of our Lord Jesus and His Church to share generously our spiritual and material resources.   We make a return to the Lord, with increase, through our stewardship and evangelization.

Dear Friends,
As pastor of Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross Parish, it’s a privilege to welcome you to our parish web site.  Technology today gives us this handy tool to learn more about our parish in a way that can be constantly updated.  Our parish actually has its roots back in 1999, when the Archdiocese of Indianapolis responded to the prayers of the people of Bright to create a new parish.  Father Bill Marks became our founding pastor.
From 1999 until the present moment, the history of Saint Teresa is a story of the goodness of God’s Providence through countless men and women who have made and continue to make Saint Teresa what it is today: a faith-filled, vibrant, and faithful Catholic Community.  Here is a little bit of our history.  St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross History
I welcome you to learn more about our parish.  I encourage all of us to keep up with the latest through our parish web site.  But the best way to keep current is through regular attendance at Mass with the worshipping community each weekend.  I look forward to seeing your there.
Peace be with you,
Rev. Randall R Summers