June 6, 2017 1:54 pm

Update regarding Funeral for Josephine Rose Ohlhaut, 11 AM at St. Lawrence Church…PLEASE CONTINUE READING TO THE END OF THIS MESSAGE….
There will be a funeral luncheon for the Ohlhaut Family at St. Lawrence on Friday, June 9. The immediate family will be returning to St. Lawrence after the trip to the cemetery. If anyone is interested in providing a dessert /salad/ or side dish please contact Susan Stange @ stangemom14@gmail.com or 513 376 1425. We ask that you drop off your dish by noon on Friday at the school. Your help is greatly appreciated.

ADDITIONALLY – – – – -Sara Yunger, a parishioner at All Saints and fellow member of MOMS Club, has coordinated a meal plan for the Ohlhaut family. For anyone looking for a way to help the family, please visit this meal train link and SHARE: