June 9, 2021 10:12 pm

NOVENA FOR INTENSE YOUTH CONFERENCE – St. Teresa has 15 youth attending with our parish group; they will be joining over 200 other high school teens from around the tristate for the first ever INTENSE Youth Conference in Dearborn County!!! Please pray with us!

Simply read the intention for each day leading up to this year’s conference and then pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one Glory Be. Amen.

June 11. May God bless those working on audio tech, music and sound; that the Word of God may be proclaimed and heard.

June 12. For St. Michael and the Heavenly Hosts to protect us, the weather and all those attending and assisting with this conference.

June 13. For all the priests assisting at the conference that their ministry in the confessional will set captives free and their preaching and assistance at Mass will bring true glory to the Lord.

June 14. May our volunteers be true servants of the Lord, so the youth attending will feel welcome and a part of our Church.

June 15. For safety in travel for our speakers and that they be true, humble and zealous mouthpieces of the Lord and His Gospel.

June 16. For good weather and safety in travel for all participants and volunteers.

June 17. For a deep conversion to be found in the heart of each and every attendee, worker and volunteer and for a deep bond of community and joy to be fostered.

June 18. For our cooks, vendors, and suppliers, that they will find joy in serving and be blessed by the experience.

June 19. “May the Holy Spirit send down His grace upon each participant so they will Discover, Encounter and Live the Gospel of Christ.”