September 1, 2021 8:38 pm

12 hrs of confession at All Saints this Friday,, 9/3, is being canceled. 

Do you know anyone who is sick or shut in? Please contact the office and let us know (812-537-3992).  Fr. Meyer and Fr. Mahan want to visit them. We will be visiting all shut-ins on the second Friday of every month (First and Third Fridays are 12 hours of Confession).
 THANK YOU!!!! to the folks who helped with the Saint Teresa rectory landscaping – Linda and Larry Noschang, Bob Rizzo and Jeff and Marilyn Weber. GREAT JOB!!

Thursday Lunches for Fr Mahan & Fr MeyerWeekly on Thursday afternoons, Fr Mahan and Fr Meyer meet at the rectory at St Teresa for lunch, prayer and planning.  We would like to have lunch delivered to them!  We ask that all meals be delivered in disposable containers and simply be dropped off at the front porch of the rectory at 11am.  The address is 23455 Gavin Lane, Bright, IN 47025; the rectory is located behind the parish office just before the parking lot of the parish community center.  For our Thursday daily Mass attendees, you may also bring a meal that can be reheated to morning Mass and leave it with Fr Mahan or Fr Meyer to take with them.  Whether dropping at the rectory or bringing to Thursday morning Mass, you will want to sign up to secure a date.To sign up to make a meal, please go to  or call the parish office to sign up (812-537-3992)