Sacramental Prep

Within our Faith Formation program, we offer catechesis and  preparation to receive the sacraments of first reconciliation (penance), first holy communion, and confirmation at the age appropriate time.

Children age 7 and in the second grade are prepared to receive the sacraments of first reconciliation (penance) and  first communion.  This catechetical process is interwoven into our Family Formation lessons.  First Reconciliation is celebrated during Lent and First Communion is celebrated after Easter.

Teens age 13 and in the eighth grade are prepared to receive the sacrament of confirmation.  This catechetical process weaves together opportunity for prayer, community, catechesis and service.

Parents play a key role in the preparation for each of these sacraments.  First, parents are called to fulfill their promise to bring their children to Mass each week.  Without this necessary component, the catechesis to receive a sacrament simply makes no sense.   Second, the catechism teaches us that parents are the first teachers of the faith and the parish is here to support them in their effort.

Parents, if you ever have a specific question or concern about the teachings of the Catholic faith, please contact Fr. Randy or Kim at the parish office; both are here to support you.  You may also turn to the catechism; if you do not have a copy, you can borrow one from our parish library or access it online at   We also encourage you to also seek to increase your knowledge of the faith by attending one of our adult formation offerings at the parish.