Choosing A Sponsor

Archdiocesan Guidelines:  Choosing a Sponsor.

A sponsor must:

  • Be at least sixteen years old
  • Be a Catholic who has received all three sacraments of initiation (baptism, confirmation, Eucharist) and leads a life in harmony with the Catholic faith
  • Not be bound by any penalty of the Church
  • Not be the parent of the person to be confirmed.
  • It is desirable that the one who undertook the role of sponsor at baptism be sponsor for Confirmation. Distance and other factors may preclude this recommendation.

While these basic requirements are given, the path to a meaningful sponsor-candidate relationship involves several other factors.

A sponsor should:

  • Be a person of lived faith and a strong Catholic role model for the candidate
  • Be available to spend time with the candidate during the preparation process
  • Be available to take part in the celebration of the sacrament and other parish program planned activities
  • Be a person with whom the candidate has a comfortable and ongoing relationship