Eucharist is the sacrament that is celebrated every Sunday and most days during the week at Mass. We gather as a Catholic community to listen to the word of God proclaimed to us in the scriptures and remember our Lord’s life, death, and resurrection in a communal and ritualized meal. Our Church believes that the Eucharist is the “source and summit” of all Christian life and so it is vital to our Christian life to participate regularly in its celebration.

Normally children receive their First Holy Communion in the spring of their second grade year. Please look to that page for more information if your child is the appropriate age.  From time to time adults or older children have not received the sacrament; for these cases, please contact the parish office or pastor for more information.

Anyone is welcome to attend our Eucharistic celebrations and participate as much as they are able. Our gestures and words are an outward symbol of our inward belief. We dip our hand in holy water and “cross” ourselves as a reminder of our Baptism. We stand, sit and kneel at various times of the mass to again show outwardly what we are trying to do inwardly.

Communion happens when a catholic comes forward to receive the Eucharistic bread and wine. As Catholics we do not have “open communion” and so only members of the Catholic or the Orthodox Church may come forward to receive the Eucharist. For Catholics, communion is both a joining ourselves with our Lord and with our neighbors. Therefore Communion is not just a sign of our simple belief in Jesus as savior but also our belief with each other in all that the Catholic Church teaches.  All Catholics are asked to make sure that they have properly prepared themselves before they receive the Eucharist and are asked to be free of grave or mortal sin. Catholics and Non-Catholics who do not receive Communion are asked to remain seated during communion and pray or sing the communion hymn.

Our parish also has Eucharist Adoration once a week on Wednesdays. This time of prayer before the Eucharistic presence of our Lord begins at noon and ends with a litany and benediction just before Mass at 5:45pm. Again all are welcome to come and pray before the presence of our Lord.